Moët in Paris by Allénos, restaurant - bar éphémère prendra place à Beaupassage situé au 53-57 Rue de Grenelle, niché dans un passage piétonnier au cœur du 7e arrondissement de Paris. Ce nouveau lieu ouvrira ses portes le 1er juin 2024 pour trois mois, offrant ainsi une occasion de découvrir des expériences œnologiques et gastronomiques singulières.
Le chef étoilé Yannick Alléno orchestrera en cuisine dans un restaurant totalement redécoré par le designer français Charles de Vilmorin et proposera des plats pour exprimer toute la singularité de la gamme Moët & Chandon. Moët in Paris by Allénos sera le nouveau lieu parisien créatif et gourmet de l’été.

Moët in Paris by Allénos se distingue par son décor singulier, conçu par Charles de Vilmorin. Inspiré par la nature, cet espace invite à une immersion complète dans un univers coloré, floral, qui a fait la notoriété du designer français. Au cœur de celui-ci : les visiteurs pourront vivre une expérience culinaire inédite ; déguster du champagne et découvrir des accords sur une ambiance musicale piano-voix…
Chaque jour à 17h43, les visiteurs auront l'occasion d'assister à une performance artistique et ils pourront déguster l’une des cuvées Moët & Chandon de leur choix parmi les références emblématiques de la Maison. La programmation réserve également de nombreuses surprises, allant des DJ sets nocturnes aux brunchs gastronomiques signés Yannick Alléno. Moët in Paris by Allénos mêle tradition et modernité, en offrant un cadre où se conjuguent gastronomie et œnologie, cet événement sera un lieu de rendez-vous pour tout l’été.

Moët in Paris by Allénos
Beaupassage, 53-57 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris
Ouvert tous les jours du lundi au dimanche de 12h à 00h, avec un service de restauration ouvert de 12h à 15h et de 19h à 22h30. Ouvert dès le 1er juin 2024 et durant tout l'été, il fermera ses portes le jour de la déclaration du premier jour des vendanges en Champagne, au début de l'automne.



Moët & Chandon and Yannick Alléno join forces to create a unique pop-up cultivating creativity, gastronomy and savoir-fête for a summer in Paris designed by Charles de Vilmorin.

Moët & Chandon, along with Chef Yannick Alléno, are delighted to open the doors of an ephemeral celebration of French culture, fashion, and conviviality: Moët in Paris by Allénos. The restaurant, bar and event space in the heart of the city promises a season-long soirée brimming with refined culinary experiences staged to whimsical decor, all with a dash of iconic Parisian flair.

Given the many international visitors descending on Paris during summer, Moët & Chandon offers both locals and visitors an elegant, imaginative, and joyful gathering place where celebration is always in order—whether reuniting with old acquaintances or forging new friendships.

The cuisine is orchestrated by Michelin-starred chef and long-time Moët & Chandon ambassador Yannick Alléno; long-standing Moët & Chandon Cellar Master Benoît Gouez directs the sparkling libations; and, the fantastical decor is infused with the sensibilities of fashion designer and illustrator Charles de Vilmorin. In addition to this French savoir-vivre, there is also French savoir-fête—or, rather, the art of partying well—on the menu: Champagne Happy Hour, tasting events, DJ sets, surprise celebrity appearances, and live music sessions.

“Moët in Paris by Allénos blends the grandeur of our gastronomic heritage with the vibrant spirit that defines modern Paris,” explains Yannick Alléno. “It's a place where each glass of Moët & Chandon is not just a toast, but also a celebration of craftsmanship, community, and the shared joy that only such timeless elegance can inspire. We're not just creating meals, we're crafting memories woven into the very heart of the city—each one as effervescent and unforgettable as this champagne.

As a creative force in French fashion, Charles de Vilmorin creates an equally unforgettable setting through a world of vibrant colors and enchanting flowers; he pays subtle tribute to nature, without which the House could not exist. Ecstatic faces emerge from graphic murals on the walls, while abstract light plays through the windows; the space is a playful and creative bubble, enveloping and uplifting visitors immediately in their enjoyment of the moment and their connection with others.

“Moët & Chandon evokes a way of living that particularly inspires me: a fantasy, openness, a sense of celebration and sharing,” affirms the designer Charles de Vilmorin. “My vision was to offer clients and visitors an immersive experience in a dreamlike and offbeat world that highlights the festive spirit and French whimsy so evident in the House’s image.”

The restaurant is designed to spark conversation and goodwill among guests, enjoying gourmet specials created by Chef Yannick Alléno himself. As a nexus of genuine connection, at this pop-up glances are exchanged, conversations begin and the clinking of Moët & Chandon glasses continues to uplift the evening. Culinary mastery, effervescent champagne, and joyful togetherness blend to perfection.

L’heure du rendez-vous? 17:43, precisely—a time chosen to reference Moët & Chandon's founding in the year 1743. It is then, every evening, that Champagne Happy Hour begins with a lively mood in true Great Gatsby-style grandeur. In addition to kicking off every evening’s festivities, this moment also honors the globally-renowned gesture Toast with Moët, in which a glass is raised with all present.

Guests can also savor a special flavor creation to toast with Moët, paired perfectly with their choice of Moët & Chandon champagne, including Brut Impérial, Impérial Rosé, or Ice Impérial.

The menu created by chef Yannick Alléno is the full expression of joy and a new-found summer: My pretty duck foie gras terrine, or Cow's milk burrata on an olive powder for starters; colorful vegetarian proposals: Sautéed trombetta squash with almonds and curry flower pickles, Green curry of Southern vegetables... but also fine pieces of steamed fish and grilled meats to celebrate summer: Sea bream in cherry leaf, Beef fillet peppered "Café de Paris"… A sparkling and vibrant menu, right down to the desserts: delicious Chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream or the must-have Cherry clafoutis.

The ever-changing weekly events calendar promises rich cultural exchange featuring Sing Along live piano performances; engaging after-work tastings presenting the full range of Moët & Chandon's finest champagnes; sumptuous weekend brunches; vibrant DJ sets; and, inspiring live music sessions.

In keeping with Moët & Chandon's engagement with pop culture, a significant highlight each month will be a grand event dear to the heart of the House. Who knows? Guests might find themselves mingling with friends, fans and ambassadors of Moët & Chandon, perhaps even being treated to an impromptu performance…

“Throughout its history—spanning nearly three centuries—Moët & Chandon has been part and parcel of celebratory moments worldwide. By encapsulating these moments within Moët in Paris by Allénos, the House not only pays homage to our past but also paves the way for creating new memories,” says Moët & Chandon Cellar Master Benoît Gouez. “This experience is an invitation for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to engage fully in what it means to celebrate life's sparkling occasions as seen through the prism of Moët & Chandon’s enduring legacy.”

Tradition meets contemporary, and luxury blends with a communal sensibility during the seasonal event Moët in Paris by Allénos. Ephemeral in time and place, what happens then and there is a multi-sensorial vector of French culture at its best, and summer savior-fête at its most sparkling.

Destined for gourmands and festive spirits, locals and tourists alike, Moët in Paris by Allénos opens June 1, 2024 and remains open through summer. Its exact closing day will be when the first day of harvest is declared in Champagne in early autumn.

Moët in Paris by Allénos is located within Beaupassage, 53-57 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, a pedestrian hideaway in the 7th arrondissement just steps from Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It operates all week, from Monday to Sunday, from noon until midnight, for drinks and gatherings; lunch is served from 12:00 to 2:30 pm for lunch service and dinner resumes from 5:00 pm until 22:30.